Beatitudes of the Pilgrim

A few weeks ago the majority of the pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land with Archbishop Naumann, to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Catholic Foundation of Northeast Kansas, gathered at Savior Pastoral Center for Mass. An informative meeting and dinner with Trinity Travel and Holy Family School of Faith followed, preparing the pilgrims spiritually and practically. 

Mike Scherschligt and Troy Hinkel shared the importance of fully embracing our faith, trusting in the Holy Spirit, and submerging into each Holy Land spot.

It was suggested the pilgrims bring prayer intentions with them to the Holy Land in six weeks. We also want to carry your prayer intentions with us on this pilgrimage. Click here to send us your prayer requests.

"Blessed are you, pilgrim, when you contemplate the journey and find it is full of gifts and blessings".

The Catholic Foundation of Northeast Kansas

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Fund Holder of the Month
All Saints Parish Fund
All Saints Parish 2019
Endowment Established: 1990
Total Endowment Balances 6/30/2018: $98,727.67

CFNEK Development and Planned Giving

Kathryn Robards, Marketing Coordinator, CFNEK has partnered with Terri Lynn, Associate Director of Planned Giving, Office of Stewardship and Development for the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas in meeting with parishes and schools to discuss current or future development goals. 

It is a great opportunity to meet with the Foundation's current or potential fund holders, while educating on the various financial vehicles highlighted on the Archdiocesan Planned Giving website. We have encouraged the parishes and schools to reference the website, and share this information with you too!

If you have any questions about establishing a fund, or contributing to an existing fund with the Catholic Foundation of Northeast Kansas for the benefit of your parish, school, or ministry, please contact us at 913-647-3062 or

CFNEK: Deo Gratias - Save the Date

Please save the date for the 2019 Deo Gratias Fund Holder Appreciation Dinner on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at Savior Pastoral Center. The evening begins with a reception at 5:30 pm in the Art Hallway and follows with dinner and the awards ceremony in Keleher Conference Center.

Online registration will be available later this month. For questions, please contact or 913-647-3060.