Your Donor Advised Fund with the Foundation allows you to make a charitable gift and receive a current year tax deduction while giving you the flexibility to have those funds distributed to multiple charities over time. You may benefit from a strategy of "clumping" the gifts you plan to make over the next few years if your annual gifts don't exceed the increased standard deduction this year. You then act as the advisor on your fund to suggest distributions to the charities you support.

Appreciated stock, business interest, and real estate are popular gifts to a DAF. The minimum to start a DAF with the Foundation is low at $5,000. Your DAF can simplify your giving with easy online access to your fund while the Foundation handles the accounting, fund management and administration of your fund.

Donor Advised Funds

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Testamentary Donor Advised Funds

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Charles and Antoinette Berkel Donor Advised Fund

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